Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Use It Up

Part of the decluttering phase is consolidating all the bottles of lotions and hair gels that I have. I have almost used up all the sample sized bottles that I collected while traveling or that came as a bonus in a bigger pack. It is amazing how many little bottles you can collect. Next up is the 5 or 6 different kinds of baby lotion I found in their closet today. I plan to mix as many as I can together. They are cute, but take up too much room. 

I also threw away a ton of store hangers today. I have nice hangers, why use the cheap plastic ones that come free? Why did I have so many? Ugh. How do things pile up so much? Does this happen to you too? I am trying to follow the one touch rule this year. If I pick it up, I immediately have to put it back where it belongs. Otherwise, I find that things just travel around from spot to spot. Also, I am discovering that everything needs a place or I should get rid of it. :) 

I went through the boys' clothes and organized the 4, 5, 6, and 7 sized clothes into their own bins. They were all together, but after some hand-me-downs from one of Jared's co-workers, I decided they should have their own bins. They are all neatly marked and in the closet or under the bed. 

I am now working towards a cleaner washing machine. It is slowly getting there. Maybe I will have pictures next week. 

I am also trying to use up stuff around the house before it goes bad. Last night I made ricotta calzones to use up some ricotta that was open and needed to be used. Tonight we are having acorn squash and applesauce with dinner. The acorn squash came in November in my CSA bin. The applesauce is made from the last six apples from 2 bushels that my sister brought me in October. I also threw in two pears that had bad spots on them. 

Thank you, Sarah for all the delicious apples!! 

I used a lot of these apples for applesauce, which is in my freezer. I used up about ten last week making a Dutch apple pie for Jared.  He jokingly asked if we were having apple pie for dessert an so I threw one together (from America's test kitchen, of course). It was a crustless apple pie with a crumb topping. And it was amazing. So I will post the recipe later. 

Any tips to keeping the clutter down? 


Anonymous said...

Can you believe how long those apples last?! I have five left in my fridge and I have been eating the same batch since October!

Also, I'm so inspired by you cleaning and throwing stuff out. Things have started to pile up a bit around here (especially since we have no closets) and I'm trying to find time to sort through some things.

My secret to managing junk is to move every year. Nothing makes you ask "is this essential?" like thinking about boxing it up, loading/unloading it into a moving truck, unpacking it, and trying to find a new spot for it. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm a list person, so it's been averaging twice a year, I list each room, and the things, like the book case for example or the dresser and then list each drawer or shelf. I check my list off as I go through it all. I then keep those areas clutter free for a decent amount of time. If I haven't used it since the last go through, I get rid of it. I've started the 'list' which also serves to deep clean everything as well! I did the same thing, using up all the samples, etc... Even if things might not look different, I feel better knowing the 'junk' is gone! And the tops of my kitchen cabinets get cleaned ��

I need to go through kids clothes, yet again... There is always something with them!

Oh, and I can throw away broken toys or give away toys that haven't been used for forever!

faith said...

I can see moving would really help. Sometimes I ask myself, "if I moved, would I take this with me?"

I love te ideas of lists. That would help me be more organized about it. I flit around from one room to another room so often. I used to make detailed lists while I was in school. I might have to start again. :) Great ideas.