Saturday, January 03, 2015


Martin has a new addition to his play closet. I have been meaning to hang this up in there since VBS (in August). 

Thanks, Aunt Michelle for bringing us this great poster!!! I think it is so neat. Now to collect other interesting items to hang on the walls.  

Should I paint morse code on the walls like Frank Gilbreth (dad in cheaper by the dozen) did in their bathroom so the kids would absorb it without thinking? He would also leave them notes in morse code and the first one to decipher them would get directions to go and find a prize. His wife and he were some of the first people to study how to do things more efficiently. I would love to own Cheaper by the Dozen or any of the other books about their life. I find it fascinating. 

Morse code isn't as useful as it used to be. I wonder if there is something else I could post on the walls that the boys would absorb while playing. Any ideas? 

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Anonymous said...

Maps could be good.

Also a timeline of Biblical events would be neat.

- Aunt Sarah