Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Monday

1. It is supposed to maybe snow tonight. Unfortunately, Mondays or Tuesdays are grocery day. I decided to brave the busy store today instead of going out in snow tomorrow. Way too many people were out shopping for water and bread. 

2. I am trying to read three or four books a month this year. I am almost finished my fourth this month. I have started a list on a separate page of the blog. I will publish it later. I wanted to read Shepherding a Child's Heart, but my parents couldn't find their copy. So, they brought me a bunch of other child-rearing books. I placed the other three books I was in the middle of in top of the picture. I am also reading the Great Divorce by CS Lewis again. 

Does anyone own the rest of the CS Lewis space trilogy? My parents only own the first one and I want to finish it. I also still want  Shepherding a Child's Heart if anyone wants to lend me that too. :)

Also, I will take other suggestions of books to read for the year. I like non-fiction. 

3. Today we are making or have made:
Calzones (three batches)
White bean chili
Tomato Sauce

4. But after all that cooking, we went to CFA for lunch to use up our calendar cards for January. Thanks mom and dad for treating us to lunches and dinners throughout the year. We love our CFA calendar. 

5. Speaking calendars... I bought this amazing calendar off etsy. Each month is has a hymn listed on it. I love it. I will have to post a picture of how pretty it looks in my kitchen. I think that was my first etsy purchase... I am a little behind the times. The seller is little things studio. 

I have had the igrace version of Abide With Me stuck in my head all week. That is not a bad thing. 

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