Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Favorite Kitchen Items

I have decided to highlight a few of my favorite items in the kitchen. I love my kitchen. It is small (but not as small since we removed the wall), but cozy. The smallness makes me evaluate kitchen items more.  I constantly ask myself, "do I need this? Do I use it often? Is there something else in my kitchen that does the same job? Would I miss this if I got rid of it?"

I am not as ruthless in other rooms in my house, but I am trying to teach myself to only keep what I use often. 

This week's item is my pastry cutter. I don't like some of the ones the sell in the stores now. The pieces of wire are thicker and not as flexible. This is the only type that works for me. 

Yes, I could us two knives to do the same job, but they take twice as long to cut in butter. This old pastry cutter Cindy found at an antique store for me. I have seen them in antique stores for around $5. It hangs on the wall under my cupboard, taking up essentially no room. 

I use this for pie crusts, biscuits, dumplings, and pastries. It is simple to clean and easy to use. I love it. 

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