Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I don't know how germs get passed around in this house... but three of us now have colds. Martin only loves to stick his face next to Warren's and say, "hi, baby! Hi, baby! Hi, baby!" 

Thankfully, Martin seems to be on the upswing and Warren doesn't seem be as sick as Martin and me. 

Don't you just love those pictures?!? I hope they are wonderful friends for the rest of their lives. I am thankful that Martin has a brother. I look forward to seeing what messes they get into. Today Martin and I played with bowls of water and soap bubbles. Martin dumped it all over the kitchen floor. It needed to be washed. :) 

Martin and I wrapped Jared's Christmas present today. Ha ha. I let Martin pick out and put on the ribbon. He was so excited. 

Merry almost Christmas!!! 


Anonymous said...

hahaha I can't get over Warren's face in the last picture.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what a riot!
- Anna

faith said...

Grumpy old man baby.