Monday, November 17, 2014

Top Baby Products

If I had to list my top baby products (or things you actually will use) this comes in third after only the carseat and crib. There isn't anything else on my top baby product list; this is it. 

My sister-in-law Linnea suggested it and I am so glad she did. We used it all the time for Martin.  I used it while I cooked, sewed, and showered (so that I could keep him nearby, but not have to hold him). 

There is no other product that makes my list. The ergo is nice. A changing table is okay. I do really like my glider rocker, but I could sit on the couch. A baby bathtub is worthless; we use the kithen sink. 

A boppy might come close to making the list. I find it extremely useful for nursing, but I know other mothers that don't like it, which is why I can't suggest it to everyone. I also like it for helping them to sit up and tummy time. 

But the bouncy chair is the one thing I would tell other mothers to buy. It is totally worth it and useful. 

Do you have any favorite baby products? What don't you use that you thought you would? 

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