Monday, October 20, 2014

Update on Names

Mondays are catchup days from the weekend. 

Martin and I have been playing in his toy closet and reading lots of books. I also finished repairing four cloth diapers (to stretch my stash once baby two shows up) and made 14 more cloth wipes (I plan to try cloth wipes while he is breastfeed, but not once he eats real food - gross). I also folded and stuff clean diapers, made a new batch of wipes, finished grading my labs, and went over my lab for tonight. 

In the words of my husband, Our house still looks like a bomb went off inside. Jared is going to finish the last coat of paint tonight and we will be able to move the furniture back to its real places (instead of having a kitchen table piled with all the items off my counters sitting in the middle of the living room). We will work on hanging back pictures this weekend once the paint is cured. 

We can't decide on a new table or how we want to redo the cabinets and bench seat right now.  Maybe by spring we will sort all that out and have the kitchen finished. First, we should probably think of some names for this baby. Ha ha.  If he happens to be a girl, we would name her:
Evelyn Grace
Margaret Rose
Louisa something

But I don't think there is much chance of it being a girl; the pictures were pretty convincing on the boy parts. 
So far we have thrown around a bunch of names, but don't particularly like any of them. Here are a few:
Haddon (as is Charles Haddon Spurgeon, not Hayden). 
Peter - Jared doesn't like
Adoniram - I don't like
Jarvis - I don't like
Fredrick - a bright red-headed great uncle on Jared's side

And let's not even start on middle names... They range from the more normal suggestions of Aaron (my middle name for a few days until my parents changed it) to last names of people we know, such as Corcoron, to literary charecters, such as Atticus (Finch), to things like Noel and Christmas. 

This baby might be nameless for a few days. 

Oh, and here is an article I read today that is inspiring me to declutter my house. I hope to start tomorrow.

Any name suggestions? Favorites? Names you dislike? Our one "rule" is that people have to be able to know how to spell it and say it and people wouldn't judge you on a resume because your name is weird. I guess that is two rules. 


Anonymous said...

I think that Joshua is a nice name. As a bonus, Martin already knows how to say it. :)

I like most of the names on your list. And I'm sure you'll pick a good one.

I was surprised that I didn't see Bertram, Roderick, Bingo, or Gussy on your list.

- Sarah

faith said...

Bertram is tempting.

Caitlin said...

ATTICUS! No question. I've always wanted to use that name. Ben enjoys finding off-the-wall Bible names for if we ever have kids, like Mephibosheth or Shlomoh (Solomon in Hebrew). The sad thing is, he could convince me if he really wanted to haha