Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Monday Updates

This weekend my best friend from college came to visit. We just hung out and relaxed. Friday my hairdresser treated me to a pedi and hair trim. It was so relaxing. My hair ended up shorted than I expected, but it will grow back. :) The haircut is cute. I am playing with ways to pull it back for labor because it is too short for braids or a good ponytail right now. 

Michelle also gave us motivation to put the kitchen back in some order. I will post pictures tomorrow. It is livable now. The only thing I would like to do before the baby comes is finish making curtains for the windows. 

This morning Martin and I went grocery shopping. I made yogurt and ricotta. I am going to freeze the ricotta for calzones later once the baby comes.

4 quarts of plain yogurt

I love mason jars. I think they are so pretty. 

I have killed 55 fruit flies this morning. Jared and I have resorted to using the vacuum to kill them. We don't know where they are coming from, but they keep coming and coming. I am looking forward to the first frost. 

Did I mention we bought a new vacuum? It is awesome. Jared bought our old vacuum before we got married for $25 (so $5 a year for the years we owned it) and the clamp that kept the hose on was broken. So I would vacuum the whole floor and then notice that it had popped off and hadn't picked anything up. This one is a Shark. My sister suggested it. We visited 5 stores and tried out so many vacuums and weren't happy with any of them. It is so hard to find a small, light vacuum that works well.   

The engineer in me has calculated that we will have to own it for over 30 years to have it work out to $5 a year, like the other vacuum. However, the other vacuum was only used once a month or so before children. Now that Martin is moving around and eating real food, we use the vacuum way more often (several times a week usually). So if we were able to keep this one running for 15 years, I will consider it an amazing buy still. 

There is still no new baby. I am hoping he comes after my lab next Monday. 


Anonymous said...

I have toyed with the idea of turning on the ac and setting to 30 and make a first frost in my house! I think that may be a tad expensive. On a side note, unfiltered Apple cider vinegar does nothing 😖 I had someone pick some up and that was the only kind left!

faith said...

Ugh. Fruit flies. I have two new bags of apples so they are back in mass.