Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dear Amazon,
I don't fault you for taking 10 days to ship this to me. Even your computers couldn't predict this order. Ha ha. My OB suggested the support belt, which I have not found to be useful, but I will give it a few more days. I wanted free shipping so I threw in the new CS Lewis book, but was still $3 short of free shipping. So I remembered I needed packing tape and have forgotten to buy it at least three different trips to the store. I would have bought one roll, but 4 was so much cheaper and Christmas is coming soon!!! 

Do you ever buy weird assortment of items on amazon to get free shipping? Or do you have prime? Prime would be worth it for the free video streaming if I have internet at my house. 


Caitlin said...

I haven't done this on Amazon, but just this week I ordered some clothing online from places that have free return (either in store or by free shipping labels). So I ordered several sizes to try on so that I met the minimum for free shipping, and then will return what doesn't fit. Yay for no shipping costs!

faith said...

What a great idea!! That reminds me of a suggestions I received in college to sign up for an extra class, go to them all the first week and see what the teachers and syllabus are like, and then drop your least favorite. I tried it one semester, but it was hard to do senior year since I was trying to fit in special classes. I think it would have worked much better freshman or sophomore year.