Monday, September 08, 2014

We have been playing with cars, canning rings, and crayons today. We drew a road for the cars and colored on a cardboard box. We have been stringing the rings on some fabric strips and shaking them around to music. Martin also likes to put one of the rings on his foot and walk around the hardwood floors making a funny clicking noise. 

These are Martin's favorite pajamas right now. Unfortunately, he is outgrowing them. They have a tractor and truck on them. He pulls them out of the laundry basket or his drawer and chants, "tractor, tractor, tractor". 

Otherwise, it is a low key Monday. Mondays are usually recovery day from the weekend. 

I made some quick cornmeal BBQ chicken and acorn squash for dinner. I will serve it with green beans. I still have my eggplant left from the csa box this week. Any ideas? 

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