Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shelves in the Closet

Happy thought indeed!!

Jared was able to finish the shelves in the closet today. This time no one was injured (last time we worked on the closet, I sliced my thumb open on something unrelated in the kitchen and had to get stitches). 

Martin had a blast handing Jared screws and watching him screw them in. Martin even got to hold the drill once. He was very excited. He seems to really enjoy playing in his closet and I really love how it turned out. I am so thankful for my handy husband. :)




The shelves are great because they raise everything off the floor so the boys can play under the shelves (for a bit more floor space). It also give even more storage than before. I can even store a few Christmas decoration boxes and puzzles on the top shelves. 

They are 8" deep on the end wall and 12" deep and 10" deep on the side wall. The higher shelves are both longer and wider. The two lower shelves are shorter and only 10" deep. 

And the play table (which you have already seen):

I plan on making two more cushions to sit, lay, jump on. I also am planning on making a puppet theatre curtain for the doorway. 

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