Monday, September 22, 2014

My Weekend

Martin and were still recovering from colds this weekend, but we managed to go to the Fiddlers Convention for a while and out to lunch at Panara with Jared. Thank you so much to anyone that has ever given us Panara gift cards!! We love going on dates there. 

We also did a few errends around town, watched some Jeeves and Wooster and college football, made some baby shower gifts (more on that next week), and finished the 2 more pillows for the play closet. 

Oh, and we made some applesauce too. Martin had fun carrying apples from one room to the other and dropping them into the pan once I peeled them. He is a good helper. :) 

I love each stage of his life. He makes life so much fun and he is such a ham. Jared and I are constantly laughing at him. Martin does stuff and then looks at us, as if to say, "aren't I funny?" What a wonderful little boy. He is going to enjoy having a brother; he loves little kids. I am so thankful to be his mom. 

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