Thursday, September 25, 2014


I stated that yesterday was a beautiful day, but I equally love the rain of today. It is a perfect rainy day. Martin and I ran around in the rain this afternoon because one of us wasn't sleepy for our nap. I was falling asleep on the couch and he was still bopping around. So I took him outside; I woke up and he became tired. Ha ha. 

Here are two bibs I made for a baby shower. The fabric on the left is much more pink, but it looks red here. I like to make big bibs because small bibs are worthless by the time a baby starts eating real food. I threw these together really quickly while Martin napped on Monday. I need to make myself some bibs. I only have three big bibs that were all given to me. I usually use a cloth napkin when they are dirty. Ha ha. Poor Martin. 

I also made two quick burp clothes. 

Lastly, I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday!! Why? Because I haven't seen Jared all week. He has had something EVERY night this week, except Monday when I had a baby shower. Poor Martin. He misses Jared too. We are both happy to have him all to ourselves tomorrow night. I really love having people over on Friday nights, but so often Friday is our only free night and I am selfish and want it all to myself. 

How is life so busy? Our kids aren't even old enough to be doing anything yet. One of them isn't even born yet. 

Have you been working on any fun projects recently? I finished one that I am excited about and will post next week. I like it so much that I am determined to eek out some time to make myself one too. :) 

What is your go to baby shower gift? I love burp clothes and bibs. I find them so useful and adorable. 


Anonymous said...

Mom told me about these. I'm so impressed that you've made these so far in advance. I don't know how you do it - I always feel so far behind on everything.

Anyway, you're a champ and an inspiration. :)


faith said...

You are sweet.