Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I love hand-me-downs and thrift store clothes. How else can you get such good quality clothing for free or around $2 a piece of clothes?!? I am very thankful for good quality clothing, especially knowing a second little boy is coming along to wear out more clothes. Thank you to everyone who has ever given me clothes!!! We love you.  You have saved us SO much money!! Thank you for your generosity. 

My third option for clothes is Target. I found jeans there the other day, on clearance, for less than $2 a pair. And let's not forget about the 5 pairs of shoes for less than $20 I found last month at Target!! 

This is my latest find:
4 pairs of swim trunks and a rash guard in sizes 2T-5T!! 

My boys are set for the next few years for at least one pair of swim trunks. I bought these 50% off at Target at season end. I need I remember to do that more often. 

Also, I went to the big twice yearly consignment shop at the civic center and bought 22 items for cheaper than $50. It was mostly in sizes 2T-5T. I will need a few more summer things, which they sell in their spring shop, but mostly I am set for those few sizes. Oddly, 3T is my weakest lot right now (I should look for a coat after season in 3T and 5T). 

P.S. I am not saying that I don't need hand-me-downs. But even if I don't receive any more hand-me-downs, I wouldn't have to buy that much (t-shirts and play clothes). I mostly have stocked up on dress clothes and pants.  I am guessing pants are going to take a beating from two active little boys. 

For dinner tonight:
Sour cream chicken
Squash and zucchini

Thursday or Friday dinner:
New recipe - stuffed eggplant (if the recipe is good, I will post it)
No-knead bread
Spinach salad 


Anonymous said...

We got a bunch of garden vegetables from some friends last week and this week I tried out two new recipes - one for eggplant and one for zucchini. Both were delicious and I found them at (surprise!) cooks illustrated. Let me know if you want me to send you either of them to try.


faith said...

Cook'a illustrated is the most amazing company ever. I make so many of their recipes now. :)