Friday, September 05, 2014

Busy week (Martin Update)

We came back from Birmingham and Georgia last Sunday (pictures and a post about the trip to come) and I had spent the rest of the week playing catchup and trying to remind Martin of his routine. Martin has been the easiest part. He, thankfully, is almost back to a normal nap and bedtime routine. I am mostly unpacked and back into my own routine. 

We both also had doctors appointments this week and other errands to run and bills to pay. Martin still has a big head (95%), but he is still tall for his age so it balances out the head. I don't think about his head unless I am trying to get a shirt off him or he is standing next to a child with a small head. :) I think he is perfect. The nameless baby boy continues to move, ALL the time, and is healthy as well. I try to ignore babies wen they are inside; I find them creepy. There is just something really strange about having another human INSIDE you and it moves around and kicks your organs all day long. I know a lot of mothers love feeling the baby move and being pregnant, but I love it when it is over and the baby is out and I can see him. Enough of that. I am glad he is healthy. 

Martin talks ALL the time now. I understand about 50 words (I counted because they always ask at the doctors). He knows how to ask for certain food items now, cheese, bananas, crackers. He loves to play outside in the water (which we did today). Books are even more fun now because he points to all the things he knows and excitedly calls out their names. He loves his trains and his farm and will play with them by himself. Oh, and he climbs, throws, and runs now.  The running resulted in three or four skinned knees on our trip, but thankfully, babies heal quickly. 

The most fun part of this stage is him wanting to help out. He loves to carry small packages in from the grocery store to the kitchen or throw things in the trash can or hand me dishes from the dishwasher or pull a new diaper out when I need to change him. Today he helped me water the plants outside, unload the dishwasher, and put his clothes in the laundry hamper. He is sweet, most of the time. 

We made a boat today from a macaroni box. The giant chicken has had fun riding around in it today. I made a double batch of Mac and cheese for two picnics we are attending this weekend. Yay, for not waiting until the last minute to decide what to make. I normally do that. It is stressful. And I continue to organize his room and toy closet. I bought bins for both of them this weekend. 

I really want to make these mailboxes from a blog my sister showed me, ikatbag. If you get a chance, check out her Narnia dresses that she sewed her daughters. They are beautiful.  I don't think Martin would fully appreciate the mailboxes now. However, they are hopefully in our future (along with the mailbag and set of letters and stamps she made). Maybe one mailbox in the boys room and one in their toy closet and they can leave each other letters... Or maybe just destroy them. One day maybe I will have some girls who will want to play gentler things. :) Please, don't misunderstand, I love building and tearing up stuff too, probably more. Ha. A change of pace would be nice every once in a while. 

I have tried a few new meals this week, none of them are worth mentioning. I have been trying to use up stuff in the pantry and from the trip. But we have also had some old favorites: Mac and cheese, grilled chicken, nachos and pico, and banana pudding (I know we don't normally have desserts around the house, but Jared specially requested a dessert last night because he had a hard day). 

Banana pudding warm from the oven

Pico from heirloom tomatoes (during both pregnancies, I have loved savory things - I am curious to see if I have a girl someday, if I crave more sweet things - I think it is a myth just like the myth that you can tell the baby's gender by the Chinese calendar or how fast their heart is or how you carry the baby - both my sons should have been girls by all old wives tales). 

We have a busy weekend so I doubt any shelves will be installed in Martin's closet, but if they do, I will post pictures. Also, coming is a recipe for Mac and cheese that I now use (based on an atk recipe of course, but slightly modified). 

Any tips to wear an active toddler down so he takes better naps? Fresh air and water seem to be the two best methods I have found so far. I am looking forward to the fall weather. It is my favorite season. Can you believe it is September already? 

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Anonymous said...

Martin has such an adorable smile. I love his big ol head, too. I can't wait to spend the evening with him on Monday!!!