Monday, August 04, 2014


I don't know if I will do much blogging this week. Martin and I came home and ate tuna fish sandwiches and watermelon. We are loving watermelon and cantaloupes right now. They are so sweet this year. Did I mention peaches and blueberries too? Martin actually can say both of those words. 

We need to go grocery shopping later today and I need to make thumbprint cookies for snack for tomorrow. The theme for Tuesday snacks is Jupiter, which as you know has a big red spot, hence, the thumbprint cookies. 

I made a sour cream coffee cake from atk today. It is pretty amazing. :) Maybe I will post the recipe. 

I had a student today who didn't like rice crispie treat, homemade cookies, cheese, pretzels, or fruit. She requested animal crackers... Really?

My costume

Martin's costume 

His new favorite thing to do, other than play with his trains in the closet on his new table, is to throw balls around the house. I caught him throwing my peaches when I brought home a half bushels the other day. Thankfully, he only threw two. 

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