Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Boys' Room

As I mentioned, we have been rearranging the boys' room. At first we were going to put Martin in a trundle bed under the crib, but I ended up getting such a good deal on the crib (it ended up being cheaper than I could have bought just a mattress) that we decided to try to fit it in the room. 

We took the side off in hopes that he might play on it and maybe take naps on it. He has about three months to get used to it. If it doesn't work, we will put the side back on. I love ikea cribs and I am so happy with this one. I would trade the other one for an ikea crib if I had to pay for a new one. But I can't beat a free crib. :) 

Also, I hope you have noticed my toy bin holders, Garden of Eden peach boxes. :) And the Corduroy picture was painted by my sister, Sarah. I love it so much!!! 

I love how many things in this room were given to is by people we love. The blanket on the chair is from Mrs. Hall and is wonderful for keeping warm during night nursings. The quilt is from GC and entertained Martin for hours when he was a baby. The changing table was a piece of furniture that Uncle Bill and Aunt Suzanne were getting rid of; it is perfect for storing diapers and changing babies. The rocking chair was given to me by so many of you at my shower. :) I use it at least once a day. Once the new baby comes, we will use it 5-8 times a day again. 

Lastly, my kids' bed sheets don't match and I am fine with that. I bought them on sale at Target for 75% off. The furniture is from all sorts of different places and in different colors. P.S. If your sheets or furniture match, I am not judging you (maybe you got them as a gift or found them at a yardsale or just bought them). I am just saying, that we care way too much about decorations in children's room, birthday parties, and all sorts of things these days. Some of my fondest memories were of things that didn't match or things that had been passed down from someone else. Everything doesn't have to be perfect for a child to have a great childhood. I don't want my kids to thing that stuff is the be all and end all or that stuff makes them happy.

I am not saying my way is perfect, far from it.  Isn't it amazing that our kids run out? I just want to encourage you to think about it.  Somedays I would rather wash the dishes in the sink right away, I hate dishes in my sink, but I spend time playing with Martin. He doesn't care about the dishes. He doesn't care about matching sheets. He just wants to be loved and taken care of. I want him to remember what matters. Does that make sense? 

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