Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random Update

For dinner last night we had grilled chicken, green beans and potatoes sautéed with bacon, and grilled onions, zucchini, and eggplant. 

The tomatoes, garlic, and corn, you see in the picture, are for a batch of salsa. I am going to make fajitas out of the extra grilled chicken. And I hope to make calzones again later this week. As always, there is plenty of watermelon and cantaloupe cut up in the frig. If I don't get more in my csa box this week, I will go buy some more. 

And because 26 out of my half bushel of peaches so far have had split pits and rotted while they were still hard, I chopped up a bunch of them and made Jared a cobbler. It is so disappointing. Every other half bushel I have bought this year has been wonderful. I hope a few of the half bushel ripen properly so that I can enjoy a few last peaches this season. 

Yesterday I received my bill for my stitches. 
1. I hate how the service description is all listed as medical care. I want to know what I am paying for. If my grocery receipt can list each grocery item, I think my medical bill should too. I was more annoyed at my $7000, $7000, and $3500 bills from Martin's birth. They were charged as lump sums. I wonder how much the doctor actually sees of that? 
2. $658?!? For stitches and a shot? Can you imagine what the emergency room would have charged? Yikes. Medical care is way overpriced these days. Thankfully, I only owe $160 out of the total, but still... This is crazy. 

Martin is teething again. He is grumpy, needy, drooling everywhere, and is having trouble falling asleep for naps and at night. Poor baby. I was reading about two year molars today and they can be twice as painful as the other teeth because they are bigger and flatter. We have been doing a lot of things together the past two days. 

I managed to clean my refrigerator and wipe down the cupboards while he was eating today. I tried to clean out two closets today, but he just wanted to play in the closets. I didn't get as far as I would have liked, but I made a small dent in it. I threw away a bunch of stuff or put it in the donate pile. Where does all this stuff come from? Ugh. I also finished the top to one of the baby quilts I have been working on. Yay. 

And it just started raining, I love rain. It sounds so calming. 

Do you have any exciting plans this week? Martin and will just be hanging out and I will be trying to distract him from the tooth pain. Do you have any suggestions for fun activities with an active little boy? I let him play in the sprinkler yesterday and today I let him pour water into bowls and little cups on the kitchen floor. He really likes water. We hope to go visit the new puppy my sister just brought home. 


cindy said...

Hi! Sorry little Martin is having teeth troubles I love you both!

Anonymous said...

Yes, come visit the new puppy sometime! My house is safer for Martin now because we have a new gate at the top of the stairs so the puppy and Martin can't fall down.

Josh is sick with a cold, but you could come over sometime this weekend.

Also feel free to bring me one of those calzones. :)

- Sarah

faith said...

Martin is much happier today. He is still in pain, but he isn't as whiney. I am making calzones tonight for dinner. :) I will have to think of a way to bring you one while they are still good. If not this time, next time.