Thursday, August 21, 2014


Yesterday, I spent the morning at the beach with my sisters (all of them!!!). I love having them all in town this year! Yay! They built Martin a giant sandcastle/fort to play in. He even was brave enough, near the end of the day, to venture into the waves. I didn't get any pictures of him playing, but know he had a blast. Hope sent me this picture while I was at lunch, to let me know that the fort was growing bigger. 

We took a break from the beach and Martin and I walked up to where Jared has been working, in OC this summer, and had lunch with him. Martin was so happy. I love watching them interact. Martin showed no interest in food all morning until he saw Jared eating and wanted everything he had. 

Martin and I went grocery shopping this morning. I used the think meal planning was a waste of time, but the older I get and the more children I have, I think having two or three planned meals is a good thing. I also like working ahead and prepping parts of the meals. Today we are making/prepping meals for this weekend and next week:
Beef stroganoff
Chicken fajitas
Brats and veggies

I also plan to make some cowboy cookies (for the freezer) and caramel corn. Jared has also requested some nostalgic lime jello jigglers. 

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