Thursday, July 17, 2014


Guess the theme...

I drew these while Martin took a nap. My snack room is the research and development lab. I am decorating the walls with hand sketches, posters of different planets with fun facts on them, and real NASA posters (thanks, Michelle). I have model satellites hanging from the ceiling and old computer parts sitting around on tables.  I am also wearing a lab coat. Ha ha. More pictures to come. 

I am trying to think of some hands on experiments or things the kids can touch that I can have sitting around on tables as well. They only have ten minutes for snack, so it can't be that intense. Maybe some corn starch slime or some moon sand. I was planning on filling jars with colored water and placing them in the window sill. 

Here is my menu for snacks this year (each day has its own theme):
1. Moon Monday
Moon rocks (rice crispie treats in a sphere shape)
Satellites (cheese cubes and pretzel sticks)

2. Jupiter - the red spot planet
Jam thumb print cookies
Rocket cheese crackers & planet pretzels
Yogurt and fruit (spots)

3. Saturn - rings
Pizza bagels
Fruit rings

4. Sun and stars
Star cookies
Satellites again

5. Neptune - blue planet
Something blue and cold (probably ice pops)

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