Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Target App

I don't have a lot of apps. I don't like them. They track me and distract me. However, I do have a few grocery shopping apps, which have saved me about $40 in the last 4 months. One of my favorite (and the easiest to load) is Cartwheel from Target. I love that they have free internet in Target and that you can scan items while you are shopping to see if there is a coupon. 

Today I bought 2 large boxes of Pampers diaper (I almost always buy Target brand diapers and use the 5% off on the app) with two coupons, one printed and one they had text me (oh, sign up for Targets coupon texts too). If you bought two packs of diapers you received a $10 gift card and there was a 5% off on Cartwheel. So altogether I should have paid $50, but I ended up paying $36. But the goodness didn't end there, if I signed up for a baby registry I received $20 in gift cards. So I used that to pay for the diapers, which ended up costing $16 for two large boxes of diapers for the new baby. 

I love you, Target. 

Oh, also the more you use the Cartwheel app, the more coupons you can load on it. It starts at 10 and I am up to 14.  I usually load some that I know I am going to use when I go. Most up&up stuff is on there. Today I saved on dish washing liquid, band aids, tomato sauce for VBS, and cotton balls.  I will take the extra 5% off. :) 

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. You're my couponing inspiration.