Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Kindle Cover

Anna and Andrew gave me a Kindle for my birthday. They are always super generous and the most wonderful host and hostess!!! They take amazing pictures and adore Martin. I would say they are my favorite siblings, but I have four other amazing siblings (when you count their spouses) and they are each perfectly wonderful in their own way. I love them all. 

 I studied e-ink technology and flexible electronics in graduate school and I find e-readers fascinating. Besides the science part of loving the Kindle, I love being able to borrow books from the library without even going (although, my library card is did that happen?). I need to fix that before this new baby arrives.  

I am looking forward to reading a bunch of books while I nurse this little boy. Martin was distracted by the noise of pages turning, but I won't have that issue with the Kindle. :) 

I wasn't sure if I would like reading off a Kindle because I love holding and smelling a real book (which is why I have never bought one). However, I have read two books now on the Kindle and I do like it. I can't say it is better than a book. I love leafing through the pages of a favorite book and clicking in the screen doesn't have the same feel. Also, I don't like how distracting the features are. I don't want to skip to other parts of the book with the same character or look up a word. But I do like how convenient it is. And the library borrowing is a definite plus. Welcome to my life, little Kindle. 

I followed a few tutorials online to make this and fudged a bit on the size. I choose a bunch of my favorite fabrics that I have been saving. 

Oh, and I made homemade English muffins. They are so easy and delicious. 

I will stock my freezer with these before the baby arrives. I love them toasted with homemade jam or butter and honey. So delicious. I forget if I have posted the recipe, if I have not, I will post it later. They are super easy and you cook them in the stove. 


Suzanne said...

I downloaded the Kindle app for IPad and another e-reader. I like that I can read what would be a HEAVY book on my light IPad.

Anonymous said...

The one feature that I really do love about the Kindle/Kindle app is the ability to immediately look up the definition of a word. I don't find it distracting since it doesn't link you to a bunch of other stuff. I also like the ability to highlight without damaging the book - I never liked to write in real books. Also, having moved three times in the last three years, I can also say that my little ipad is so much lighter than our twenty boxes of books... But I still wouldn't give up my shelves full of books if I could transfer them all to the ipad. I like having both.