Monday, July 28, 2014

Coming Soon...

Recipes for:
* Easy Calzones
* Ginger Stir Fry Chicken and Bok Choy (I have finally found a recipe for bok choy that I like)
* Chocolate Cream Pie
* Fluffy Pancakes (to which Jared said, "these should become your staple pancake recipe.") 

I have also made pesto, fresh pasta, spaghetti and meatballs, and a new peach cobbler recipe. But none of them are instant favorites. I will spare you an average recipe. 

In other news: 
The big reveal of the table in the closet is coming soon... I put the last coat of paint on it today. Once it dries I will put all the boxes back where they go. Maybe next week we will start on the shelves. I am super excited. I plan on making the curtains to replace the door after VBS is over. Since Martin likes to dump all his diapers out or all my Tupperware out and sit in the cupboards, I think he will like his little closet playhouse too. 

Today I am off to tackle my bedroom. It has become the receiver of way too much clutter recently. I will keep you updated with that progress too. 

And I also have the fabrics for a baby quilt or two sitting in piles upstairs. I am hoping to get to those soon as well. I also have four diapers to mend and a swimsuit. Both the diapers and swimsuit at halfway finished; I just need to add new elastic. I should do that so I can mark them off my list. 

This was the best stir fried chicken I have ever had!! Paired with green peppers from my parents garden and bok choy from the CSA and some brown rice in was awesome. 

So silky and amazing. 

Dipped in fresh tomato sauce made these even more delicious!! And they were so easy. 

Recipes coming soon. 

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