Monday, June 02, 2014

Pretty Things

I am going to make these baskets for the kid's playroom. I have more heavy ikea fabric that matches the pillows I made a few weeks ago. 

I don't know if I love these because they are pretty or because they are polka dots. :) my crib sheets are holding up well. I bought four on the clearance rack at target and have only ever used two of them. However, if they ever do need to be replaced, here is a great tutorial. Or maybe I will make these as baby shower gifts. I have some old vintage sheets that I want to turn into sweet baby girl crib sheets.

I love the remake of these folding chairs.  If I ever see old folding chairs at a yardsale or goodwill, I will do this.

If I am having a girl (we find out in 11 days), this is on my list of dresses to make. I would sew up the back though.

If it is a boy... How adorable is this? I will have to turn some of Martin's old onsies into these.  I love them.

I want to try to make this dress.

And this coat:

And I have been wanting to make Martin a vest. Maybe I will use this pattern.


Anonymous said...

Cute clothes! I would love to learn to sew clothing, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to find time with all the other projects I want to do!

Also, another place you could look for folding chairs is on craigslist. When we had the Bible Study at our house last year and needed more seating, I found someone in town selling them on craigslist.


faith said...

Great idea. If I ever have room to set up folding chairs, I will look there too. Maybe someday I can have more than two people over at a time. Ha ha.

If this baby is a girl, you can help me do sewing this summer. Or you can watch Martin while I sew. :)