Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy birthday, me (in 7 days)!!

I love vintage Pyrex!!  My siblings gave me the multicolored bowls for Christmas a few years ago. They sit in my counter holding my fruit and I also use them to bake with. I bought a flamingo pink pie plate on my honeymoon in Maine. It had faded a bit and it more of a light pink now. Today I found one that has little wear and is very close to the true original color!!  I saw it. Then I walked around downtown Salisbury for an hour thinking about if I really needed a 4th pie plate. 

I decided I do. I am also considering that glass cover pink baking dish in the top right stack.  :). I wish I had a china cabinet to display my pretty vintage Pyrex and my polish pottery.  I sure do love polish pottery too. I have five pieces and my favorite is a square baking/serving dish my sister gave me for my birthday last year. Someday I hope to have a collection of pieces like my Aunt Suzanne does. 

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