Saturday, May 03, 2014


I happen to think having siblings is the best!!  I love all my siblings so much! They are all special and wonderful in their own way.  I am also happy that, in November, Martin will also have his own little sibling.  

He is pretty excited about it because I tell him that he will love it.  He watches the neighborhood kids playing basketball every day after school and looks so much like he wants to run out there and join them.  Instead, he settles for yelling (or maybe cheering) for them out the window.  

I would love to have a girl this time because dresses and skirts and doll clothes are fun to make. However, I want Martin to have a brother, so I am not as eagerly anticipating the gender reveal sonogram in about six weeks (well, not as much as last time).  

Martin will probably spend some time looking like this when he realizes he is not the center of our universe anymore.  Ha ha.  Cindy says you have to take pictures like this to remember the whole experience.  :) I have dubbed the ones, the whiney ones.  I don't know where he has learned it.  He will start this fake little cry and peer through his fingers to see if he has caused a reaction.  After about five or ten minutes, and no reaction, he stops and goes back to playing nicely.  

Often he whines when I have to take something dangerous away, I wonder if God feels the same way when he takes something away from us that is harmful. Having a baby has made me rethink a bunch of passages in the Bible. I will post some later.  


Anonymous said...

Yay for more nephews/nieces! I love you!


Caitlin said...

Congrats Faith! Looking forward to having another little Shelton running around