Saturday, May 17, 2014

Birthday cooking

I used to love Acorn Market and then they were sold. I went for almost every business lunch and they catered my baby shower at work. I always get the chicken salad sandwich and it used to be amazing. Recently, it has been mushy and watery and not worth the money. The other thing that I love are their cookies. Well, I found online that the lady who used to own it had a blog and posted several recipes. :) One of those recipes, that she posted, was her cookie recipe!! 

So for Jared's birthday, instead of a cake, I made two batches of cookies. They were amazing. I didn't take a good picture, but they are fluffy and perfect. When I make them again I will post the recipe and pictures. I am selling a dozen of them at the silent auction at church tonight. 

I also made these rolls for Jared's birthday dinner.  We had fried chicken, fruit salad, and green beans. I never make white bread anymore; these taste like cake. I suggest you look at the pictures and be convinced to make them.

And today, to use up the leftover rolls, I made mini hamburgers.  They are so cute. Again, no pictures.

 Martin had been on the move and I have been chasing him all over.  We have also been reading a lot of books lately.  I hope he loves to read when he is older. Jared is working on our new fence today on the sides of the house. We hope it will stop Martin from running into the street. I will post pictures when it is finished. 

And here is a picture from last night's birthday celebration, after Martin had put on his pajamas. He loves his aunts and uncles.  

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