Monday, April 07, 2014

The Problem of Pain CS Lewis

I just finished The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis. I highly recommend it.  I have other quotes to share, but I thought I would start off with the last paragraph in the book.  I just love the way Lewis writes.  The more I read Lewis, the more I am glad I named my son after him.  :) 

"The size and emptiness of the universe which frightened us at the onset of this book, should awe us still, for though they may be no more than a subjective by-product of our three-dimensional imagining, yet they symbolize great truth. 

As our earth is to all the stars, so doubtless are we men and our concerns to all creation; as the stars are to space itself, so are all creatures, all thrones and powers and mightiest of the created gods, to the abyss of the self-existing Being, who is to us Father and Redeemer and in dwelling Comforter, but of whom no man or angel can say nor convince what he is in and for Himself, or what is the work that he 'maketh from the beginning to the end'. 

For they are all derived and unsubstantial things. Their vision fails them and they cover their eyes from the intolerable light of utter actuality, which was and is and shall be, which never could have been otherwise, which has no opposite."

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