Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Attic Room

Jared and I talk about changing around the rooms in our house a lot. We only have two bedrooms and a small attic space, but we think we can fit at least four or five kids in this house.   We are both big fans of this book series called, The Not So Big House and I love the blog Apartment Therapy. They both have amazing ideas about making the smallest spaces both useable and comfortable.  They both make the point that it is actually greener to have a small house and give pointers on using ever inch of space.  

My kitchen is pretty much, spot on, designed, layed out, and organized as they say. It was before I read their books and posts. It is my efficiency engineering coming out. :) 

However, the rest of my house still needs some work, especially my bedroom. A goal of Jared and mine is to decluttering and organize the bedroom this spring. We are starting by building a desk and buying a old filing cabinet (which Jared sanded down and painted this weekend and will be bringing inside tomorrow). Maybe I will post some before and after pictures. 

Anyhow, we both think the upstairs little attic space (that currently holds Michelle's guest bed (which is the most comfortable bed in our house - I read up there a lot), our tv, and my sewing room) would make for a great master bedroom or kids bedroom. Here are some inspirational photos I found. The first is my favorite!!!! 

The nails in our ceiling are starting to work their way out of the drywall and someone made some small dents in it moving furniture around, so this wood covered ceiling would be amazing. I love white painted wood.  I would love to have  hardwood floors painted white in my house. Ps.  This would be like waking up in a bed and breakfast every morning.  I LOVE this room. 

A skylight would be so great.  Again, I love the wood. I love this room too. Do you think Jared would go for separate beds? I wouldn't always be stealing the covers. 

For the kids... I love built in beds.  

Oh, and a window seat (with a built in bed because that is so practical) because I just love them. Someday I want a front/back porch (with a few rocking chairs) and a window seat. It will complete my housing dreams.  That is pretty much it. I don't care about a larger house or a bigger kitchen or anything else.  I just want a window seat and a front/back porch. Both places would be so relaxing to read and enjoy my morning cup of tea.  Lovely.  And I have schemed several ways to fit a window seat in my house.

Do you have any dream features of a house? 


Michelle said...

Ahem, I suggest an edit to this post:

"Anyhow, we both think the upstairs little attic space (that currently holds our tv, MICHELLE'S GUEST BED, and my sewing room) would make for a great master bedroom or kids bedroom."


faith said...

Or maybe it should say, we are thinking of converting Michelle's bedroom into a kids bedroom or master bedroom. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I really like the first one, though I think I would choose a color other than yellow for the walls, and I'm guessing you would too.

I've never heard anyone talk about painting hard wood floors white but I don't read a lot of apartment design blogs. I like the way it looks in the photos in your post, but I don't think that I could ever bring myself to paint over wooden floors. Our old 1880s home in Lewisburg had the loveliest pine wood floors and I love how comfortable and inviting natural wood floors make a home.


Anonymous said...

Also, I agree about not wanting or needing a huge house, but one thing I would definitely do if I was building a house is make high ceilings. I think that makes such a big difference in the lighting and feel of a room.


faith said...

It is when the floors are beyond repair that I would paint them white. We hav really old hardwood floors under our fake hardwood floors and I would love to paint them white once the fake hardwood is dented and scratched up too much in a few years. I would have done that instead if installing the laminate flooring, if I had known what was under the carpet. They are a mess but I think they would look amazing with a coat of white paint. Maybe someday. :)
Otherwise I agree with loving regular hardwood.