Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Random update

Really? Two days of warm weather and then more oscillating temperatures. It seems this end of winter has been particularly vacillating (I wanted to use the word dither here because I think it is fun to say, but it didn't quite fit).  Thrice is another one of those words which is fun to say. RC Sproul says, "thrice holy God."

I enjoyed having my windows open today and will open them again tomorrow.  Thank goodness for some glimpse of spring. My perfect temperature is right around sixty degrees. I don't like it much warmer then that.  On Thursday, I will dig my coat and boots out (which I just put away) and maybe cuddle under my new quilt that I am about to finish tonight.  Pictures are coming soon.  I have really grown to like his quilt and the binding is just taking it to another level.  I Love love it. 

A random picture of Martin asleep clutching a toy car.  As you can see I put whatever socks on him that I first grab. :) Life is too short to search for socks. 

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