Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Friday

We took some selfies this afternoon right before naptime.  Martin usually comes up and lays his head on me or the floor a couple times in a row. That is how I know it is naptime. He plays in his crib with some toys for 15-30 minutes and then falls asleep. 

He is such a ham. 

And I love being his Mom.  He is such a sweet, great kid...

Even when he tried to eat the window blinds.  It looks like I caught a fish.  What a weirdo. I discourage chewing on the blinds, but this looked so funny that I had to take a picture.  

I am about to pack the Mr. Baby bib up in the attic with most of his 12 month cloths.  He is wearing 2T in most of his shirts now! Ah! 

This last picture is from this morning. He loves to pull things out of the cubboards.   His new favorite is this container of beef bouillon cubes.   He opens them up and dumps them out and then puts them back in.  He played with them for at least twenty minutes today while I made dinner.  Who needs toys? 

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