Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Life Recently

Martin discovered the front camera and it makes him laugh at himself. He is such a ham. 

We (Jared and I) have been eating a lot of these and drinking this. We both woke up Sunday morning with some sort of vicious stomach bug.  

Jared was eating food by the evening, thankfully.  I threw up nine times or every time I tried to drink something.  It was pretty rough. I lay on the floor and cried a lot. Monday morning I kept my first crackers and juice down. I even had a half of a chipotle burrito for dinner.  Jared was especially sweet and washed dishes and clothes and made me food. I pretty much lay in one place all day, which is what I plan on doing today too (other than chasing Martin if he does something mischievous).   

My parents took Martin for most of the day yesterday and Sunday night so I could get more rest.  My mom also made me chicken noodle soup.  My parents sent me updates. 

Martin loves spending time with them. Look at that messy hair. 

I am sorry there are no recipe or sewing updates.  They are more interesting, but I thought I should blog something.  It had been a while. I hope you all are well. Oh, I forgot to mention, we got six more inches if snow Sunday night and Monday.  It was so pretty.  I love snow.  

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Martin and his granddad. Glad you're feeling better now.