Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This weekend I went to the MNA mercy conference in College Park.  The night before I tossed and turned all night; I was up at least five times.  I kept thinking, I can't do this.  I can't go. I have been sick all week and now I am not sleeping. So I prayed at 430, that when I woke up with my alarm that I would feel awake and that I would get a close parking spot (I know, so selfish, but I felt so weak).  My alarm rang at 5:11am and I was able to get up and I was at the conference on time, I got the last close parking spot, I stayed awake for all the workshops and speakers, and I was able to stay until the last speaker finished at 9:00pm. It was a huge blessing to go and hear about all the ministries in the church and to be inspired. It was also encouraging to be able to worship with 400-500 people from various churches.  

I slept like a rock on Friday night and made it through the Saturday sessions as well. On the way back home I stopped at the ghetto chipotle, the best chipotle ever and bought a burrito. 

It was huge and bursting at the seams.  When I buy them in Salisbury the staff always makes me feel guilty for asking for two kinds of salsa (tomatoes and corn) and the burritos are so small and they are grumpy and slow. Although this burrito is an smaller size for ones I got in college, most were much bigger (we, my friends in engineering and I, had a contest to see who could get the biggest burritos, if they had to get a second foil wrap because one didn't cover the whole burrito, you had bragging rights.  The lady grabbed a third foil wrap by mistake once and I bragged about having a burrito so big that I needed three foil wraps), it was so much better tasting than the Salisbury ones.  I plan to measure and plot the burrito sizes of all future purchases. :) I am such a nerd. This one was 10-3/4 inches around and 7-1/2 inches long. 

This is one of the sketchiest places (well, there are a lot of sketchy places in the DC area).  I was followed around the grocery store, that is right next to this store, and asked out by some creepy, foreign dude for his friend, who stood down the grocery aisle and waved to me.  So creepy.  Needless to say, I never shopped their for groceries again. But they make the best burritos.  

Oh, and I saw this on my drive in to the conference on Saturday morning.  There is something about DC that fills me with national pride.  You can see the Capitol and Washington monument off in the way distance. This is New Hampshire avenue.  

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