Monday, February 17, 2014

I am back.

I am back to blogging for a while. I have even set up posts for the next few weeks. They are of my crafting and cooking adventures of late. This year, since I have the semester off, I challenged myself to finish a bunch of unfinished projects and also to try some new recipes. As you will soon see, I have made a dent in my projects list, tried a few new recipes, have played with Mr. Baby tons, and have even helped with a baby shower and wedding. The wedding planning and projects distracted me from some deep cleaning projects, but I have managed to clean out under the bathroom sink and organize Mr. Baby's clothing. So, all is not lost and plus, making things for weddings is more fun than organizing your linen closet or rotating your pantry shelves. 

Happy readings. I hope to be more consistent in the future.  

And because my sister tells me that everything is better with a photo, here is a picture of a puppet that I made for my nephew'a birthday.

P.s. Any requests for recipes? 

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Sarah Brewer said...

That's an awesome puppet; I'm sure that the nephew loves it.

Here is the Jim Henson video talking about making puppets that I've told you about. I think that you would enjoy watching it sometime when you have 14 minutes to spare: