Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Upon A Life I Did Not Live

So,I this is one of my new favorite songs from igrace.  Okay, so end up having between 50 - 75% of each cd as my favorite songs. ha ha. I really like the simplicity of this song.  I am grateful to igrace for highlighting old hymns that are rarely sung.  

Upon A Life I Did Not Live 
Horatius Bonar 

1. Upon a Life I have not lived, 
 Upon a Death I did not die, 
 Another’s Life; Another’s Death, 
 I stake my whole eternity. 

2. Not on the tears which I have shed, 
Not on the sorrows I have known, 
 Another’s tears; Another’s griefs, 
 On these I rest, on these alone. 

 Chorus: O Jesus, Son of God, I build on what Thy cross has done for me; There both my death and life I read, my guilt, and pardon there I see. 

3. Lord, I believe; O deal with me, 
 As one who has Thy Word believed! 
 I take the gift, Lord, look on me, 
 As one who has Thy gift received. 

©2012 Kevin Twit Music (ASCAP)