Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 17th

This weekend was extremely busy.  Travelling and attending events with a baby is exhausting (and takes planning ahead).  However, I delight in being a mother; it is a big puzzle. It is more facisinating that I imagined. Martin is a wonderful baby. 

Thursday we had dinner with good friends that we had not seen since Annadrew's wedding.  Annadrew treated us to delicious burgers, chicken, fruit salad, and other goodies (I love this time of year, fresh fruit salads are so tasty).  It was pretty relaxing, but still a change Martin's schedule. Jared and I watched the first half of the Spurs game when we came home, while I was nursing Martin. 

Friday we spent finishing a wedding and baby shower gift (three burp clothes, a skirt, and a toy  bear blanket – Cindy gave me a book of different quilting patterns for Christmas and I have been trying out different patterns on burp clothes.  They are good practice. The toy bear was one of three that Martin received.  He loves them, but he does not need three.  I added ribbons to the edge of the blanket part and apliqued flannel shapes to the top surface and then embroydered the shapes to make them even more fun to touch and see). Friday afternoon and evening was the wedding. Martin was watched by Aunt Hope in the venue with other children.  Martin was a little overwhelmed by being around so many people.  I nursed him for his last feeding and usually he falls asleep by himself, if he is especially fussy I will rock him to sleep. Hope walked him around for over 1.5 hours and he was wide awake (he was not crying, just gazing straight ahead).  He was completely overwhelmed. After crying for about twenty minutes on the way home, he fell asleep (2 hours after his normal bedtime).

Saturday Martin and I went blueberry picking with Aunt Hope (and visited Uncle Luke). Hope watched Martin again, this time while I picked a bucket and a half of blueberries.  My total came to $12.34.  I wish I had taken a picture.  We rushed home, showered, and changed before headed off to a baby shower for one of my old co-workers.  It was nice to see everyone again.  They loved Martin.  I miss spending time with them somedays, however, Martin more than makes up for the loss. I hope they invite me to other baby showers in the future. Saturday night Jared and I packed for our trip to DC and then crashed and watched 12 Anger Men.  What a great old movie. 

Sunday I had nursery in the morning.  Then we quickly changed and headed up to Silver Spring. We arrived around two and spent time with the Grandis and about 40 of their relatives and friends.  I showed Martin where I lived during college.  He loved all the trees in the backyard.  He stayed awake the whole 3 hours that we were there (most of the time I carried him around in a front carrier, thinking he would fall asleep that way).  By the end of our visit he was so tired. It was so funny.  He was so tired that he would nod off, while looking around. His eyes would close and he head would lay down on my shoulder, but then he would remember there were new surroundings to take in and he would wake himself back up.  His head would bob up and he would gaze around again, just to fall asleep in a few seconds and then wake back up. It was highly entertaining. He slept on the way to Michelle's house and woke up to spend some time with her. We left there around 6:30p.m and arrived home around 8:30p.m. Thankfully, Martin was so tired out that I simply fed him, placed him in his crib, and he fell asleep.