Thursday, December 20, 2012

I had one more vacation day to use this year (other than the 5 that I am allowed to roll over for next year -- to spend time with the baby).  I wanted to break up my last week (of the year) and avoid making a presentation this afternoon, so I took off today. 

I woke up this morning, collected the trash, took the trash out to the curb, stripped the bed of the sheets, and started a first load of laundry.  

Then I went to Walmart (I HATE THAT STORE, I haven't been in over 2 months, but I had to go to Sams Club and it was right there, plus, I needed things like bandaids, eye drops, and toothpaste, and you can't find those cheaper at other grocery stores).   It always takes forever to get through the lines in Walmart; I should learn to bring a book or something to do.  We have 4 smoke detectors in our house (yes, four) and one of them decided to start beeping two nights ago and interrupt our sleep. So, I was looking for square batteries at Walmart... I asked 3 people and no one could help me (one person was stocking batteries in a display and 2 in electronics).

Afterwards, I quickly ran in Kohls to see if they still had this maternity swimsuit on the clearance rack for $20 that I saw two weeks ago.  It was still there and it had been marked down even further to $10.20.  What?!? I also found a pair of maternity capris for $3.75.  My total savings were $104.05 (according to my recipe).  ha.

Next it was in to Sam's Club to pick up some baking supplies and chocolate to make chocolate covered pretzels. 

My next two stops were at Uptown Cheapskate, where I found two shirts (originally dresses -- yes, dresses... see the picture below) and Panera (for internet and lunch (smokehouse turkey with a side of onions - yum yum yum.  It is my FAVORITE!! )).  Thanks to everyone that gives us gift cards to food places.  I love coming to Panera or Chick-fil-A and not having to pay my money.  It is such a treat!!

The rest of my day will consist of stopping at Food Lion for milk and clementines (which are on a super sale), Sears (for nursing bras and weights), washing more clothes, putting the sheets back on the bed, cleaning the living room, making cinnamon buns for my employees and Jared's company Christmas breakfast tomorrow, possibly a nap, and maybe cleaning Michelle's room... If I have time I would like to sew some sheets for the baby, but I think that is going to have to wait until next week when I am off.

Are you doing anything exciting for Christmas?  We plan to relax and spent as much time with our families as possible. 

That baby squirms around all the time, expect when my family wants to feel him.  He was unusually still last night even thought Anna and I tried to poke him to get him to move, however, he has made up for it this morning.   I have found that I have heartburn in the afternoon if I don't eat an afternoon snack, but I am usually not hungry because my stomach is squished.   I have to remind myself to eat something small or else I will be popping 7 tums like I did yesterday to make the heartburn go away.  Otherwise, I haven't found too many other things to complain about.  I have to sit up straight now or the baby digs into my ribs, which is nice for my posture at work.  I am definitely getting more tired and can't do as much around work and home.  But what should I expect when I am lugging around an extra 30 pounds and feeding an active little baby.  We still have no names picked out.  It is way too stressful to think that our son will be stuck with whatever we pick for the rest of his life.  I don't find the idea of naming a girl as daunting.