Friday, June 08, 2012

The tale of 3 ho(s)tels.

This was the smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in.  It didn't have a phone or alarm clock (so I slept with the window open so the light would wake me up). The shower was all by it self in a little closet, which leaked all over the floor when you used it. We decided that it was like staying at a nice hostel.  It was no where close to being a hotel.  And plus, they served us bread and nutella for breakfast.  No fruit, no meat. Just lots and lots of bread.  Oh, and no soap or shampoo or a trash can or closet.

Here is a picture of my hostel. There were 10 beds in this place. I went to bed at 10:30. The lights were finally turned off around midnight.  There were only 4 of us in the room at that time.  About 5 minutes later (12:05) until 2:30 the lights came back on and stayed on because the other 5 girls that were staying there decided it would be easier for them to get ready for bed.  Also, see those metal lockers under the bed... worst idea ever. They are so loud.  Anyhow, option one seemed really nice compared to this.  Breakfast stank.  It was only one choose of bread and nutella served on smudged plates and glasses. Bleh.

And this is the last place that I am staying.  I am on the inner ground floor on a garden (see picture at the bottom).   It is lovely.  It is quiet.  The temperature is perfect.  I have huge floor to ceiling windows.  The bed is super comfortable.  It is a bit of a ride to get into Paris, but I am going to Versailles tomorrow and then the airport the next day.  So, it is nice.  I am tempted to stay here all day tomorrow and rest, but you aren't in Paris everyday.  :)  Oh, and there is soap and shampoo and conditioner and tea in my room (and a nail file and laundry bag). This is more like what I am used to.

On that note, my feet have at least 4 blisters (you would have laughed at me trying to explain band-aid to the guy at the drugstore... he spoke no english... I don't have a clue what the word for band-aid is... I sort of drew the shape and then acted out the motions of pulling of the tabs and putting it on my finger).  And my legs and feet are so tired and hurt so much, but I refused to stop walking today.  There is so much to see.  But, boy am I tired.

More to come when I come home and upload REAL photos.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Pictures of pictures of Part 1 of my trip

Cheapest Lobster Roll in Maine!!! Delicious.

While we were in Vermont, it was sunny.  We went cameoing, rope swinging, explored an island, went antiquing, visited the cutest little cheese and maple sugar farm, and visited the Huntingtons. The night before we left for Maine, it poured (thank, God for our cabin).  Since, neither Jared nor I brought raincoats and I didn't bring any pants (just skirts and shorts), we stopped at the outlets to find ourselves some rainy weather gear. 
 It was a good thing because it rained for three straight days!!  Poured and poured buckets of water down on our heads as we dodged in and out of shops. I was very thankful for my new rain boats and rain coat.  And I will be even more grateful for my raincoat when I get to Paris and it rains the entire times I am there too. 
 I miss him.
 But he gave me his muffin (what a sweet Jared, I am married to). These are the most amazing muffins that our innkeeper's husband makes.  They are delicious. I am going to figure out their secret this time. :)  Maybe in the SIX hours that I have to sit in the airport I will figure it out.
I love you Jared.  You are the best person that I have ever met and my favorite person ever!!  Don't forget about me while I am gone; I wish you could have come with me.  Be the best Felix ever!!  I think you are wonderful.