Thursday, December 15, 2011

My schedule this week:
Monday - Wednesday:
5:15 gym
6:15 shower
6:30 breakfast
8:00 - 5:00 training
6:30 - 8:30 - dinner with trainer and other classmates
8:30 - 10:30 answer work emails and finish charts and projects

5:15 gym
6:15 shower
6:30 breakfast
8:00 - 2:00 training
2:00 - 4:00 drive to Corinth plant (get lost, get stuck in traffic, go really slow because it is raining so hard you can't see)
4:00 - 6:00 - tour Corinth plant -- HIGHLIGHT (other, than Babe's Chicken House) of my trip. Wander around the plant and ask all sorts of questions.  Garner new ideas for projects that I am working on.
6:30 - 7:30 - dinner with dotted line boss and counterpart in Corinth.  Texas smoked brisket, ribs, and sausage. No plates, just a stack of napkins and lots of bar-b-que sauce.  Delicious.
 7:30 - 9 - drive back to hotel (still raining, still getting lost - TomTom and I are not on speaking terms right now... he is not happy in Texas.  I told him to make the best of it, but he froze up and refused to give me any directions.  Found my way back home by myself. I am willing to forget all of this if he can find me a path to the airport tomorrow, if not, I will just follow the planes and signs).
9:10 - filled car with gas so I can return it tomorrow
9:20 - now (11ish) - answered work emails and brainstormed ideas for next week

One neat thing about driving back to the hotel in the rain tonight was watching the planes randomly appear out of the sky and drop in for their landing.   The cloud cover was so low and thick that you couldn't see the lights until just the moment before the plane appeared.  It was really interesting looking.  They looked like alien spacecraft coming in for an invasion.  heh.

Good night!  I am exhausted.  Maybe I can sleep on the plane on the way home tomorrow (Except I have the middle hiss... and have lots of work to do for work for next week - I am so behind).  HOME! My own bed!  My own pillow!  My own kitchen! More than one pair of jeans and some dress clothes to wear! Home! I miss you; here I come.  Jared, I can't wait to see you.  I miss you so much. 

Good bye 12th floor hotel room, that I forgot to take a picture of and will probably forget to take a picture of before I leave tomorrow. Maybe we will see each other again in 4 weeks...

things about traveling for work

Well, it has been a great week for training; everyday this week has been rainy and overcast.  I don't feel like I am missing much by being stuck inside.  Although, I would like to see what Dallas looks like in the sun. Maybe when I come back in January it will be sunny.  I hope.   I was thinking about traveling this morning and I decided to make you a list of some of the things I like and dislike about traveling.  Enjoy.

Things I like about traveling:
* trying new foods
* seeing new places (I wish I could see them during the day)
* having time to work out in the gym every morning (being the only one in the gym is even better)
* having my room cleaned for me each day and my bathroom straightened
* driving a small rental car (it is like an adult go-cart - ha ha)
* sleeping (I get to go to bed early and get up early because there is no housework to keep me up)
* reading books (I brought five on this trip, I will finish two)
* airport security (I love you TSA people)

Things I could care less about:
* giant flat screen tv in my room (haven't used it)
* newspaper under my door each morning (haven't read it)
* unlimited coffee (haven't had any)
* four pillows on my bed (really?)
* hair dryer (haven't touched it)
* pool (it fogs up the windows to the workout room)
* desk in my room (I lie on the bed when I use the computer or read a book)

Things I don't like about traveling:
* not being with Jared (the telephone doesn't really help)
* hotel food (bleh. unless it was the hyatt in Chicago, they had incredible hotel food and completely spoiled me)
* noisy people on the hall
* a shower that doesn't want to turn on (the lever to turn from bath to shower falls off and gets stuck...  I have to fix it each morning and wiggle it around until it finally changes over)
* that the cleaning lady took my notes that I had left on my nightstand -sigh
* airports
* flying
* airplanes (crammed in a little space for multiple hours is NO FUN even before you add in the fact that I HATE flying.  I don't like the feeling of taking off or the feeling or the plane shaking all around.  I don't like seeing the wing move up and down.  I don't like being in a cloud and not seeing anything.  I don't like that I am trapped in a row by two other people and I have to climb over them if I want to use the bathroom (which I try to avoid at all cost.  I don't like the drinks they give you because you have to hold this cup of ice until they finally come back and take it away from you. I don't like the larger people that I usually sit next to that like to STEAL my armrest. boo hiss.  I don't like the air blowing on my face the whole time and drying out my eyes, but I don't like the sick feeling I get when I start to feel too warm (thus, the air stays one).  I don't like wearing earplanes because I have tiny ears and they hurt (but it is better than getting a pressure headache that feels like millions of tiny needles all poking into your forehead). I don't like that they DON'T give you peanuts anymore.  I don't like that the pilot doesn't give me details about where I am and how fast we are going (I am curious about all these things and it might make the flight a whole lot more interesting to me, at least it would give me something to think about).  NOT TO MENTION, I work with people that design the wiring harnesses for these airplanes and I don't trust them.  ha. And those are a few of the reasons I HATE flying, yes, I hate it.)

Funny story of the day:
This morning at breakfast I sat near a table of high school football coaches.  They are staying at the hotel today for their high school's championship football game with 90 kids from the school.  They told the waitress that they from the smallest division and from a small school, but you never would have known that from the ways these guys talked.  I have never seen Friday night lights, but I am guessing that these guys would have fit right in.  It was highly amusing to me to listen to them talk about the team, the play strategies for the game, and how important this was to win because they had to have dinner with the in-laws this year and they would never live down a loss.  They were so serious about football.  It just made me laugh because it was so southern; it is what Jared is always telling me about football down south. 

Have you ever run into any stereotypes that turned out to be completely true? 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One of the best dinners I have ever had...

Babe's Chicken Dinner house is the real deal. 

I had fried catfish and all you could eat sides: green beans, creamed corn, biscuits and gravy, and mashed potatoes (for $14).  Wow. 

Plus, the restaurant looked so neat on the inside.  It was made to look like you were eating in the middle of a city plaza.  There are house and store fronts all along the walls.  And roof tops stick out over porches that are build into the eating area.  The storefronts are filled with old fashion items that you would purchase.  And it was all decorated for Christmas with old fashoion light bulbs and old Christmas items (that said Merry Christmas on them).  It was delightful.  The staff lined up and did the hokey pokey at one time and one waitress sang a song later in the evening. 

If you are ever in Texas and need a place to eat, you will be missing out if you do not go to Babe's.   It is one of the best restauants that I have EVER been to.  Wow wow wow.  I bought a t-shirt that I will proudly wear around back home. :)

I am trying to decide to go back there or to their sister store: