Sunday, June 19, 2011

New York, New York.

Jared was invited to sing on the Huckabee show this weekend (with Matt and their little band).  They treated us to a free hotel room right around the corner from Time Square. 

1.  After two minutes in a city I am ready to get back to the country (except maybe DC because the buildings are shorter and it seems cleaner AND the museums are FREE!!).  Okay, now I will make positive comments.  :)

2.  We walked from our hotel (Stay), through Central Park, to the Met museum of art (only $20 admission), to the Guggenheim museum (picture below - it cost $79 to view the art inside - WHAT?!?!  We just walked around the gift shop), and all the way back (6.5 miles according to google maps).  I would like to stop and say here, that I really am glad that Jared likes to do free things with me.  :)  Yay, for just walking around and looking at things.  It rained (and thundered - yes, mom, I was walking through the trees while it was storming, but there were talk buildings all around), but I like summer rain.  It makes me happy.  I only had one blister one my little toe after all that walking.  Yay.

3.  Mike Huckabee is super nice.

4. My favorite part of NYC is Central Park.  I don't think anything compares. 

5.  Dinner at B. Smith (go look at the menu) was incredible!  I had the fried Chicken.  Yum yum yum.  It was delicious.  The bread pudding was the most amazing bread pudding Jared and I had ever heard.  Jared really enjoyed his catfish too.   The broccoli was undercooked and had garlic butter drizzled on it that combined with my sweet potatoes for a very strange combination.  The sweet potatoes had too much seasoning in them (I think it was all spice... all I could taste of the seasonings and not the potatoes).   They also forgot Jared's corn bread and our server was a little scatterbrained.  Otherwise, we had a great experience. 

Happy Father's day, Dad!  I'm headed home now to wash clothes and clean my shoes.

Thanks to Sarah and Mom and Dad for all the blueberries!!!  What a great birthday present. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A favorite igrace song!

1. Poor sinner, dejected with fear,

Unbosom thy mind to the Lamb;

No wrath on His brow He does wear,

Nor will He poor mourners condemn;

His arm of omnipotent grace

Is able and willing to save;

A sweet and a permanent peace

He’ll freely and faithfully give.

2. Come just as thou art, with thy woe,

Fall down at the feet of the Lamb;

He will not, He cannot say, “Go”,

But surely will take out thy stain

A fountain is opened for sin,

And thousands its virtues have proved

He’ll take thee, and plunge thee therein,

And wash thee from filth in His blood.

3. The soul that on Jesus relies,

He’ll never, no never deceive;

He freely and faithfully gives

More blessings than we can conceive;

Yea, down to old age He will keep,

Nor will He forsake us at last;

He knows and is known by His sheep;

They’re His, and He will hold them fast.

*** I am hoping to get Jared to sing this with me someday... :)
It has been so encouraging to me over the pass year or so.  It is funny how hymns mean more to you at certain times in your life.  I love a bunch of hymns (probably hundreds - seriously). This is just one that I have been listening to often (I love the igrace version of this song).  Anyone want to play the accordian for me?!?  The music for this song is gorgeous too.  Praise God for his steadfast love and grace.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What my weeks have looked like recently...

Sunday - Church, lunch somewhere (lunch at parents or VBS planning), Evening church
Monday - Work, Gym, Grocery shopping, other odd errands
Tuesday - Work, gym, cooking for the week, cleaning kitchen
Wednesday - Work, dinner, VBS decorating
Thursday - Work, a few more errands and groceries
Friday - Work, gym, somewhere (not home)
Saturday - gym, finish up a few things for work, clean the house, a wedding, wedding shower, or VBS planning
*Work has been crazy.  I love it.  I have 6 people working for me right now.  So, I do a lot of planning what other people are going to do, answering emails and phone calls, teleconference meetings, and presenting to management on our progress and the support that we need.  I am also helping 7 other people with projects (that I am sort of in charge of, but they are supposed to be doing the leg work).  My office is more of a workshop then an office most days.  Today there are half made signs all over the place (organized of course, by color and size), four plywood boards with pictures of tools pasted to them (waiting on said signs to be attached to the top and then to be taken over and hung up), paper cutout of tools strewn across the intern's table and John's desk (mixed in with 1100 pages of data that they are entering in to the computer for one of my projects), boxes that were just delivered today that need to be organized and put away on the shelves, 1 bag of twizlers, 2 information towers (waiting on posters to e attached to them - so, they have information on them), and 3 energy drinks (interns love them - bleh).
I am really looking forward to August 14th.  I am planning a vacation as soon as it becomes less hot.  I have all my vacation days still.  :)  Hopefully, I can take most of those in the fall.  I love the fall.