Thursday, January 27, 2011

"I'm gonna move on up a little higher..."
- Thank you, Jared for making this be stuck in my head for the last two weeks.  I'm not complaining, but it is really weird how this song has kept all other songs out of my head. 
I requested a lot of books from the library this last week (isn't reading lovely?), but they still didn't have four of the books that I wanted.  Boo.  Also, "As Time Goes By" was checked out of the library.  What?!?  Who else is out there watching it? 

Friday, January 07, 2011

FrWWWWWWWWWeeee Chick-fil-A!!!

Just a quick blog post for all my Chick-fil-A loving people.  If you click this link below (and I will copy the link in the bottom of the blog in case the link doesn't work), you can reserve your free chick-fil-a biscuit for this weekend.   Jared and I are going after the gym on Saturday.  FYI: each request has to be at a different email address.  I had the spicy biscuit once before (because it was the free calendar item - thanks parents!!).  It is okay.  Jared liked it; I thought it was predictable (I felt like I could have ordered it anywhere).   It was good, but not Chick-fil-A good.  But free is free to me.  :)   Sign up and get your free biscuit today and let me know how you feel about it.  Do you enjoy it or is the regular so much better?  :)