Tuesday, September 07, 2010

This weekend Jared and I finally found a cedar chest that was in our price range.  Here was our Saturday:

* 6:15 - wake up, eat a snack, and get ready for the gym.
* 7:00 - wait for gym to open, find out that it is not, and head home.
* 7:30 - get dressed and head to the park and flea and farmers market
* 8:30 - head up to bargain bills, amish market, and other laurel stores
* 9:15 - stop in various antique stores
* 9:45 - head to goose on the roof and find the chest!!!  YAY! 

This thing was painted the most gross brown.  We could tell that there was a tealish layer below that and finally an orange layer at the bottom.  But I was up to the challenge (and since it was 1/2 to 1/3 the price of normal cedar chests that are beat up in antique stores, I thought it was a great deal). 

* 10:30 - we took the thing home
* 11:00 - I went grocery shopping to pick up food for my mother for Sarah's goodbye dinner.
* 12:00 - we went to pick up my brother's truck to tote every box that Jared has received from everything in his house, since he moved in.  There were a lot of boxes in the shed!
* 1:00 - we went to Lowes and picked up paint stripper, sandpaper, and fencing.
* 2:00  - we headed home and unloaded everything and started loaded the boxes up into the truck. 
* 3:00 - I started stripping paint off the chest. 
* 6:30 - I let Jared take over after he got back from dropping the boxes off at the dump and my brother's truck back to the house. 
* 7:30 - we went inside to read a little Harry Truman.
* 8:30 - I fell asleep.

On Monday, we sanded that box for three hours until almost ever flake of orange paint was taken off.  Wasn't it a beautiful morning?!?  This whole weekend was lovely.  We then took showers, at lunch, and just hung around the house doing nothing.  It was lovely!!  I did a little cooking, a little sewing, a little planning of a baby quilt for a good friend of mine, and a little sitting next to Jared and hold his hand without having to worry about going anywhere.

Now I am off  to a chemisty department meeting.  Love to all my family!  It was great to see you this weekend.  I love vacations!  We will go camping soon and it will be marvelous!!!!  I love Jared. :D