Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reasons I love summer!

Grilling – it keeps the house cool and it tastes amazing.  Plus, I can grill all sorts of favorites that I thought could only be done in the oven, like pizza and feta chicken.  I am working up my nerve to try some desserty things on the grill.  I really think it would work.

Porches- my dream is to have a house one day that has a nice big porch on the front and I can watch people and the sun or just the wind in the trees.  Sigh.

watching sunsets (or sunrises) – I need to take time to watch more.  They are each a work of art.  God is marvelous.


it being dark later and light earlier – it makes climbing out of bed easier (so does being married and knowing if I get out of bed I will be rewarded with a hug)

fireflies – has anyone noticed more of them this year?  YAY!!  I was just thinking I hadn't seen them in a while and then I notice them this summer.  Maybe I just wasn't looking the past few summers.

fresh fruit and veggies – I love not eating starches with dinner and lunch.  I feel so much better.


tubing – it is kind of scary, but it scares the laughing right out of you.  Mainly, I like spending time with family and friends!

sudden thunderstorms (or any thunderstorms) – I like them.  They are fun to watch.


The  smell of rain coming soon – so refreshing

fresh peaches – enough said


gold paint still on my hands – from painting for VBS last night.  I love VBS and reformation party.  Those are two of my favorite times of year.  I love creating!!  I love working with young people and seeing them serve others.  It is very refreshing.  I'm glad the youth group is helping to decorate.  That is great.


the smell of fresh cut grass – YAY!

wildflowers along the roadside

grass between toes/fresh tilled dirt between my toes

grilled corn/steamed corn/any kind of fresh corn


fresh salsa – it is such a refreshing snack

skirts!!!!!!! – one of the best things about summer is wearing happy, crisp white skirts and cheerful, bright colored skirts.  They are so light and airy.  <3 <3 <3


fresh blueberries – I eat them by the bucket.

shorts, especially soccer shorts – so comfortable

antique shopping outside with Jared, anything with Jared – ha ha

picnics – if the weather would cool down, I might go on a few.  I eat my lunch outside under a tree out front of Harvard if it drops belong 80 degrees.

traveling, especially when it involves seeing something new or visiting friends/family.  Oh Germany, I want to visit you again someday.  And oh how I wish I could have gone camping with my family this last week, but at least work has been busy and has gone pretty quickly. 


Driving with the windows down – okay so I have to do this because my ac in my car broke.  Ha. 


Air conditioning – in the house, in my car, at work, and other places I go.   It hasn't been working at work or in my car.  It makes me thankful for the other places. 


Fresh food and skirts would probably be my top two things.   I figured I would mention again how awesome fresh food is.  My mouth has been so happy recently.  YAY, for summer! 



In other news, Jared and I finally made it through Lord of the Rings.  What a great book (or books)!  It has been so much fun having Jared read to me while I cook, bake, and sew.  Marriage is so much fun.  I love being married.  We are going to visit the Grandis this weekend and going to see a play.  That should be a blast.  I miss living with them.  Work is as amusing as always.  I am very thankful for my job.  Happy July 22, everyone.  Happy 3 years and 1 day anniversary to Linnea.  How exciting!!!