Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have decided that I am my favorite cook* and my house is my favorite place to eat.  :)  If I could cook for a restaurant and create meals for people, I think it would be the best job ever. 

Thanks to Mom for the lovely birthday meal.  Jared and I don't get fajitas very often.  Mary's Delight is always amazing too!!  YAY!!

Thank you to Hope for the fun red cutting board (and for noticing that I needed a larger cutting board), the knives, and the mini bowls.  Sarah, I love the polka dotted plates.  Mom, I love the books.  And thanks to Anna for the GROTTO's PIZZA SAUCE!!!  Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to make pizza again.  Maybe I will make you some deep dish pizza with it. 

I wish I had my camera with me;  I have lots of sewing projects that I could post pictures of.  I recently made the cutest baby quilt! I will one day post pictures of it.  I finished the quilt that I was working on back in September.  ha.  I was hand quilting it.  But it is done now. 

* My Mom, Aunt Suzanne, and Mama Cindy are also near the top of the list.  Some days when I am really tired when I come home from work I would rather be at their homes eating dinner.  Most days though, I love to cook.