Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Things

My wedding photos found there way into Coastal Style Magazine. Not the ones that I wanted or when I wanted them to be published, but they are in print and that is pretty cool.  :)   Pick up a copy in stores around Salisbury.   It is funny to me that my simple wedding is in the pages of "Luxury living on the Eastern Shore".
I love this weather!!  Sunday and today are absolutely beautiful. 
Jared and I went to a funeral on Saturday for his boss's mother.  Jared sang it.  We walked around downtown Laurel while we waited to have lunch afterwards.  It is pretty down by the river.  We went in a baby store, one of the only two stores around (the other being a liquor store) and I saw one of the neatest things.  I want to see if my Dad and I could work this up whenever I have children.  They had a dresser that was flipped upside-down and the bottom (which was now the top) was a changing table.  The drawers were all reversible so they could be flipped either way.  As an engineer, I thought it was a great idea.  I mean, who uses their changing tables after the kids are gone.  This one can just be flipped over and used as a dresser for the rest of its life.  The other neat things that they had there were cribs that came apart and turned into a headboard and foot board when the kids grow up.   That also seems like a great idea.  Again, what do you do with a crib once a kid is gone?  Why not spend a little extra money and get something you can use for years.   NOTE:  I am not pregnant I am just talking about things I saw this weekend that I think are neat. 
We had lunch at an amazing restaurant called the Georgia House.  Oh my goodness, it was such good food!!!  We had the best mashed sweet potatoes that I have ever had, green beans, asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, shrimp on rice, roast beef, carrots, mac and cheese, noodles and red sauce, strawberry pretzel salad, smith island cake, cream puffs, brownies, apple cobbler, and peach bread pudding.  We didn't eat dinner that day or breakfast the next day.  I ate a very small lunch the next day and no dinner.  I was so stuffed.   If you are ever up in Laurel, I highly suggest going to this restaurant.  (  I see from their website that they have five locations.  One is in Georgetown... I wonder if any of my family has been.
Today I am eating fruit salad for lunch (and cheese and crackers).  I cut up tons of strawberries yesterday (from my parents), kiwi, mango, cantaloupe, banana, and grapes.   I cut up a HUGE bowl.  I intend to keep fresh fruit in the house from now until September or October.  I love that I can go outside (to a field) and pick fresh food.  I love it!  It is so much fun.  
I am trying to check the spelling, but my gmail is all messed up.  I guess I will just send this to my blog now.  I want to go enjoy the outdoors.  Did I mention I love this weather?!?