Friday, February 19, 2010

I miss not having NBC.   I think that every year the Olympics take place.  Maybe if I watched them I would not enjoy them as much.  

I am reading several good books at work right now, Goforth of China and Stepping Heavenward are at my desk right now.  They are both really interesting and challenging.  Jonathan Goforth was crazy; I wish I were 1/10 as dependable and persevering as him and his wife.  He gave away over half his missionary salary!

I am teaching ESL for the next few weeks for the beggining class.  Please pray for me (and my students).  Numbers have really been declining recently and I would like at least a few students to teach.  I am actaully pretty excited about getting up in front of people again to teach.  I like teaching.  I haven't taught anything since my Chemistry class ended.   We are going to be talking about money and food.  It should be pretty fun.  Prayer is always appreciated. 

You can also pray as I teach a training class at work for our 20+ engineers and help with 3 other classes for manufacturing.  I am not so keen on teaching them especially as a new employee and on a topic that I am not so sure about.  But God is faithful and He will see me through.   I figure chocolate chip cookies can't hurt my cause either.  ha ha.  So I am bringing those along next Thursday to my meeting.  :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

On the way out to the gym yesterday, I checked the mail. In the mailbox was a box from Amazon.  I hadn't ordered anything, but I thought maybe Jared had ordered something for school.  I handed it to him and he got all excited and told me to close my eyes.  Then he opened the box and handed me the book inside.  It was a German Cookbook!  :) 

Yay!  I have been saying for the past month or so that I really wanted one for my birthday so that I could try a few recipes from Germany.  I never expected him to order it for me.  I was so surprised and happy.  Jared gives some of the best gifts.  It is so much fun to be married to him.  Thank God for Jared and the gift of marriage.  I love sharing my life with him.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

For the first time ever, in the history of the company I work for, they closed because of snow! Those crazy New Yorker work through all sorts of snow (except when the city declares state of emergency and doesn't allow people out on the roads). Good thing because our road still hasn't been plowed and is a six inch slab of ice and potholes. Jared head out to shovel out my car and after working on it for half an hour he came back inside the house to take me to work. Thankfully I thought, maybe I should call and see if there is a delay or something (even though they told me that they never close). When I called they said, "first shift is canceled today".

So, on Thursday I had a snow day and so did Jared. He read me Lord of the Rings while I worked on my new quilt and while I cooked (soup and cinnamon swirl bread) and while I hand sewed one of my old quilts. We worked on a puzzle together, played a few board games, and watch a Jeeves and Wooster. It was so great and relaxing. Thank God for a husband who loves me and a day to enjoy being together in the same house.

I do like my job; the days go by very quickly.  It is extremely amusing.  However, it was nice for a day off.  

Oh, and grocery shopping is so much better with Jared!! But Walmart on the other hand is terrible. It is such a mess and nothing was in stock. sigh. It was annoying. Boxes were all over the floor and things were thrown everywhere. They didn't even have green peppers. I wish we had a Super Target. I would totally pay the few extra cents to shop in an environment that was friendly and clean and cheerful.

Mom, where do you buy that awesome stir fry sauce? Is it only sold at Food Lion? And what is it called? I went to Walmart and Super Fresh last night and neither of them had them. :(

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

1.  I had a great time at my parents house this weekend during the snow.  Friday night we went to the Shelton's to celebrate Pastor Shelton's birthday.  Then we came home and spent the night at our house.  When we woke up we didn't have power so we headed to my parents house because they have a woodstove!!   YAY!  Jared didn't have to work so we all played in the snow all afternoon building an igloo (that never got a roof - ha).  Jared and Luke dug a snow cave that Luke tried to sleep in Saturday night.  Sunday we just hung around the house and took a few walks in the snow.  It was great.   If you ever need a good Bed and Breakfast you can stay at my parents (we have done it the last two weekends and it has been so much fun).  Thanks Mom and Dad.
2. I love pita and cream cheese.  I also love english muffins, butter, and honey. 
3.  Kickboxing is now offered at nights at the Y!  Yes.  I think I am going to have to go.  I miss kickboxing. 
4.  I have decided, yet again, (while at work today) that Delirious is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Christian band to ever exist.  I am so very thankful for them and for my Dad who shares my love of them.  :)  And for my husband who likes them better than most of my music and will listen to them with me. 
5.  I am also thankful for a husband who helps me put away the dishwasher, wash the bathrooms, grocery shop, and vacuum.  I am also glad that he will read to me while I fold clothes and clean out piles of papers from last semester.  I love that he goes to the gym with me and likes my cooking.  Life is more fun with Jared. :D  He makes me laugh and smile so often.   We have so much fun doing the most boring and everyday tasks.  Marriage is great.  Jared and marriage are better than I ever thought possible. 

Friday, February 05, 2010

My job is really funny. It makes me laugh. I enjoy coming in to work each day (not the whole waking up at 5:50 thing, but I have worked out pushing my snooze until 5:55 and still making it to work in plenty of time - ha). The days go by really really fast, which is a good thing because otherwise I don't think I would enjoy my job half as much.

My car has new struts and rotors and brake pads. My Dad is bringing it to me either tonight or tomorrow. I am so excited to drive it again. It is going to be smooth.

I love Jared and being married to him is so much fun!! He makes me laugh all the time and he eats my food.

And in other news, it is snowing outside. I have already taken three walks in the snow. One at morning break and two during lunch time. ha. People must think I am crazy, but I love it so much. :)

Lunch is over, but there is a quick update.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

As disruptive as the storm will be in the Midwest and Plains, plan on "no travel" in the Virginias, central and southern Pennsylvania, the Delmarva and much of New Jersey Friday night into Saturday.
Apparently, we have become "the delmarva".  This is funny to be because the va in delmarva stands for Virginia, so why mention it again?