Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Friday: I worked and then Michelle came down for the weekend.  I made mini cinnamon buns and we, along with Jared because he had the night off, went to the Townsends for a game night.  It was a lot of fun.  I hadn't been invited over to someone's house since the holidays and it was nice to get out of the house.  It was also awesome to have Michelle there!!

Saturday: Jared worked.  Michelle and I made a cake (she really made it, I just pulled ingredients out for her).   Michelle went bowling with Anna, Andrew, and Luke.  I watched.  Saturday night we went to my parents house and Michelle made us all a delicious dinner.  After which we headed over to the Robins to watch Michelle's favorite team beat up on the Ravins. 

Sunday:  Jared got sick and missed church.  When I came home from church I brought him blankets, made him jello, and bought him some Gatorade.  I watched TV for the first time in forever (other than sports).  I watched the Lawrence Welk show documentary and then Jared and I watched some of Anne of Avonlea.  Sigh.  What a great movie.  Jared went to bed at 5:45.  I read until 7:30 and finally turned out the lights. 

Monday: I worked.  Came home and made chicken noodle soup for Jared and we finished watching Anne of Avonlea.  We then rented Julie and Julia and watched that too.  It was a really cute movie.  I really enjoy ed Meryl Streep's performance. I forgot I wasn't watching Julia Child.  Julia Child has always sort of annoyed me, but I found her very endearing in this movie. 

Tuesday: I went to work.  I came home.  Jared went to his first class. He is taking macro economics and statistics this semester.  While he was in class I tried to fight with itunes and finally straighten out some of my music files that have been messed up since I graduated over a year ago.  Sigh. I made some progress, but I still hate itunes with a vengeance.  I don't find it user friendly at all!  I was going to start loaded cds onto my external hard drive, but after three hours of organizing and fighting with it I decided to go to bed.  Maybe I will make more progress with it next week while Jared is at class.

Wednesday: Jared went back to work!! Hooray for him.  He was so excited, especially since he is going back to work to run a job, which he hasn't done (since there has been no real jobs) in over 8 months.  He was pretty excited last night.   I am kind of sad that I don't have the chance to eat lunch with him each day, but I am also glad because my lunch break now is twice as long since I don't have to drive home and park and all that fun stuff.

I still love my job.  I love my husband more than ever.  I think he is absolutely perfect for me.  He is so great at making me feel loved.  Did I mention he bought me orange (with yellow tips) tulips for our 6 month anniversary?  He is grand.  I love being his wife. 

God is good!  He proves himself faithful over and over and over and over again in our lives.  He is altogether holy and his plans and ways are perfect.  :)   


riverrat said...

A lovely schedule and Amen to the Lord's goodness!

Jeanne said...

We still need to figure out when we can get together for dinner and maybe some games!!!