Friday, December 18, 2009

1. Our tree is up and it looks amazing. I will post pictures (probably after Christmas... ha ha). It looks beautiful!!! It is so fun to have our house decorated with Christmasy things. :)

2. Jared is amazing. I think he is the best husband ever. He makes me laugh every day many times a day and it is so much fun living in the same house and trying to take care of him. We start laughing at the weirdest things and it is so much fun to laugh with Jared. He is so thoughtful and thinks of me all the time even though he is working two jobs and taking two classes.

3. I love cooking. It is so great getting to use all my super nice things that I received for my wedding. Everyone was so nice and sweet to buy me such nice things. I enjoy them all the time. I love my crock pot (oh wait, I bought that... ha ha), hot water kettle, no stick pans, air bake cookie sheets, all my cake pans, spatulas, rub away bar, my sifter, my little plant that Auntie S have me, and my knives. Oh, there is so much that I have so much fun using.

4. My job is going well. The people are all so funny (and if I didn't have a sense of humor and think of myself as a real live Dilbert character I would probably think it was really annoying). Yes, I think that I am working in a real live Dilbert strip. It is great. I work right next to accounting and purchasing and it is great. I laugh to myself all the time. I should write down some of the things I hear, but mostly what makes me laugh is the attitudes and atmosphere of the place. Oh man, it is truly hilarious.

5. Merry Christmas. I don't know what I will be near a computer with blogging access again for a while. Spell check isn't working so... you are going to have to deal with the errors.

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