Monday, October 12, 2009

A wedding thank you for my sifter!!

This post is for the person who was kind enough to go online and have the sifter with the spinning handle instead of the squeeze handle. Target wouldn't let me register for the spinning handle one and I don't enjoy using the squeeze handle ones because my hand starts hurting after a while (plus the spinning handle is simply more fun). The package arrived a week or so after the wedding and my parents brought it to Avery's wedding to hand off to me. However, when I opened it it came with no card. I was so excited at the time, but between writing thank yous and unpacking other gifts I simply unpacked it and put it on the shelf. I completely forgot about posting this. About a month ago, I went to post this thank you and the internet was down and then I forgot again.

So this is to you, whoever you are, I love my sifter and it makes me life so much easier. Thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful gift! I was so happy and surprised when I opened. I am sorry this thank you is three months and a day late. I used it tonight to make gingerbread cookies and it is lovely. It will last me many happy baking years!

Christmastime has started because of you and Jared is going to be so happy when he comes home from work and the house smells delicious and when he has gingerbread cookies in his lunchbox. :)

* To everyone else, if you know of anyone that has mentioned they didn't get a thank you note, maybe you could let me know who gave me this gift and pass that along. Thanks!

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