Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yesterday, around noon, I was working in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I walked to the doorway and a workman from the neighbors house was standing there. He told me that one of our power lines had just fallen down. There on the ground lay the power line, right behind my car in the driveway. Since it was a live line I couldn't go in my car to get my lab reports that I had left in there or drive the car to teach my lab. I thanked him and went back inside and called Jared.

Then I spent the next half hour trying to convince the power company that I knew what I was talking about and it wasn't just a phone line. When the power company didn't show up I called the fire department and they came and barracked the end of my streets until the power company showed up around 1:30. They turned off the power, cut down the old wire that was still hanging from my dogwood and laying across the driveway, and let me back out my car just in time for my lab.

Meanwhile during all this I received two phone calls from people about coming in to talk to them about jobs. :) Thankfully, I had my phone with me (which I normally don't have on a weekday) and I was able to make rational conversation. I now have interviews on Tuesday at 4pm and Wednesday at 9am. If you think about it during those times, feel free to pray for me. Thanks!

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riverrat said...

Was the power company waiting for someone to get electrocuted before they sent someone out! Craziness.